starsmakeprogress said:

Do freshmen in college get internships? Or are they not really considered?

Heya! If you have the free time and are interested in an internship, I would go for it! I’ve heard that some high school students get internships, so I don’t see why college students wouldn’t. It might be a little harder if you’re just starting out in college, but I would recommend to check out smaller companies/businesses (versus the big-name companies, who usually have class standing requirements). Good luck! :)



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Anonymous said:

My dad talked to this one person and told me to email them my resume because they might be able to help me get a job. I didn't send my resume, though I did send some kind of introduction and how I got their email. Is it right to do that first? I mean, my dad told me they're expecting the resume right away. Now I feel restless that I might have done it wrong. I'm a new grad by the way.

Hi there!
When sending an introduction email, it might get a little tricky weather to attach a resume because the recipient is just an acquaintance or someone you met/heard of (versus being your friend). While some people suggest waiting until the second or third email to attach the resume, I would go ahead and send it with the introduction. It lets people know about your experience, skills, etc, and just removes that extra step of asking for it.
Going back to your question, I think it would have been a good point to attach it in the email, since your dad said the recipient was expecting it. However, if you’ve already established contact and have sent a few emails back and forth, it wouldn’t hurt to attach it in the next email with a quick note. :)

Best of luck!

Came across an interesting article today titled 12 Simple Ways to Be Interesting, and just wanted to share with you guys. Some of the tips are very spot-on, especially showing up! Enjoy the quote above from Woody Allen, and check out those interesting tops to get more out of life. :)